Fon´s Flying To Dan-Star-Kom Tokie Legend Continius Tokie Mercury 
Windmist Sunterra Selectra 
Fon´s Infinity Lick Tim Sue´s Luck Of Texican 
Fon´s Smile Sweetly 
Dan-Star-Kom Naomi For Gapabos Jan-Shar´s Trunp Card Jan-Shars If Looks Could Kill Trditions Legend Of Oakridge
Jan-Shars Lilly Of The Valley
Jan-Shars It´s Good To Be Queen Jan-Shars N Sync
Canton Black Diamond
Pinecrest Little Miss Sunshine Pinecrest´s Ostentacious Chinadoll´s Sudden Impact
Luxy´s Little Roxy
Pinecrest´s Shimmer Diogenoir Smoke And Mirrors
Pinecrest´s It´s Crystal Clear